Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fried Chicken

chicken 1 Kg
fenugreek seeds 1 tsp
mustard seeds 1tsp
vegetable oil 3tbsp
salt 1 tsp
Chilly powder 1tbsp
black pepper 2tsp
corriander powder1tbsp
turmeric 1/2tsp
 lime juice 2tbsp
coconut milk 1cup
water 2cups
garlic paste 1tsp
ginger paste 2tsp
fresh curry leaves 3pcs
cumin seeds 1 tsp
Onion  chopped 1large

Method :
Cut the chicken in to small pieces, keep a side, add salt, chilly powder, black pepper, corriander powder and turmeric powder.
Refrigerate for 2 hours
Heat the pan on medium add mustard seeds, curry leaves, cumin seeds, and fenugreek fry for about 3 minutes.
Add ginger and garlic paste and cook for 2 minutes.
Add chicken and mix well, add water, Cover the pan and cook for 25 minutes.
Mix coconut milk and keep stirring until dry.
Add lemon juice; keep cooking till it becomes dry.
Now garnish with curry leaves and serve.

Corn Salad

Corn 500gm removed from kernel
Green Chillies 3 pcs minced
Tomatoes 1 medium chopped
Lemon 1 pcs squeezed
salt to taste
pepper 1/2 tsp
1)Boil the corns, corns are cooked strain them and keep a side.
2) Add all the ingredients above to the corns.
3) mix well.
4)serve as side dish with baked chicken dishes.

MASU (Mutton Curry) cooked in Nepalese style


Mutton 1 kg
Onions sliced 200 gms
Cloves 4 pcs
Cardamoms 2pcs
Cinnamon 2 stick"half inch "
Green Cardamoms 4 pcs
black pepper 5-6 pcs
Bay leaf 2 pcs
whole red chillies 2 pcs
Cumin seeds 10 gms
Ghee 200gm
Tomatoes sliced 200 gms
Ginger paste 2 table spoon
Garlic paste 2 table spoon
salt 2 tea spoon or as to taste
red chilly powder half tea spoon
water 1 cup
corriander leaves for garnish


First Heat the Pressure cooker, add Gee when the ghee is warm add bay leaf,red chillies,cloves,cardamoms,cinnamon,green cardamoms,whole balck paper and cumin seeds.
when these spices starts to crackle add sliced onions,cook the onion till it turns brown,keep stirring in between don't let it burn,once the onions are brown add meat,fry till the water evaporates and meat is brown.Now add salt, chilly powder,stir once and add ginger paste,garlic paste cook till the ginger and garlic 5 minutes or till it leaves an aroma, now add sliced tomatoes cook for another 5 minuts and add 1cup of water.close the pressure cooker and give 3 whistles on medium heat.remove from flame,open the cooker lid, garnish with corriander leaves, searve with rice or roti.

Receipes for the human tastebuds

Since life started on earth, food has been a must for any kind of life to survive on earth, some animals are meat eater ,some animals are vegetarian.Human beings are also one of the main subjects on earth,with out whom the story of life on earth will not be complete.Human beings have developed them selves from the "Hunting, Gathering" stage of the world ,people of these times only knew how to hunt ,they had no other way to satisfy their hunger, but as the time went on passing all the difficulties to the present time, industrial stage.Where the human kind has learnt and developed them selves to use modern equipment. Science has developed and it has given human kind the technology. various kinds of cooking methods.Therefor today we can enjoy all types of delicious Baked Pastas,Pizza,Puddings,Cake,pastries etc.