Thursday, October 22, 2009

Receipes for the human tastebuds

Since life started on earth, food has been a must for any kind of life to survive on earth, some animals are meat eater ,some animals are vegetarian.Human beings are also one of the main subjects on earth,with out whom the story of life on earth will not be complete.Human beings have developed them selves from the "Hunting, Gathering" stage of the world ,people of these times only knew how to hunt ,they had no other way to satisfy their hunger, but as the time went on passing all the difficulties to the present time, industrial stage.Where the human kind has learnt and developed them selves to use modern equipment. Science has developed and it has given human kind the technology. various kinds of cooking methods.Therefor today we can enjoy all types of delicious Baked Pastas,Pizza,Puddings,Cake,pastries etc.

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